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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 
The annual carnival held by Water Witch Fire Company will be from Tuesday, May 6th through Saturday, May 10th! The carnival will start at 6:00 p.m. every night. Advance tickets are currently on sale. They are ONLY $12, the advance ticket allows you to choose your one night to redeem your all you can ride wrist band. The advance tickets are only redeemable: Tuesday, May 6th, Wednesday, May 7th, or Thursday, May 8th. Friday & Saturday will be single tickets only, no wristbands. Fireworks will be held on Friday, May 9th after it is dark.

Call Mary at 443-309-0537 or Ashley at 443-617-3564 to purchase the advance tickets!

Rescue Box 842
Friday, April 11, 2014 
Just after 1600 hours the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun was alerted for a MVA in the 1500 block of Jacob Tome Highway. Chief 7, Deputy 7 and Lt 7 were in the area and responded on the call. Chief 7 arrived first to find a two vehicle MVA with on person unconscious and trapped. Deputy and Lt 7 arrived next and started putting a IAP together for the arrival of Rescue 8. Upon the Rescue's arrival, the vehicle was stabilized, protection line pulled, driver and passenger doors were removed and the dash lifted to extricate the patient. Rescue 72 had the landing zone set up at Station 72 for Delaware Trooper 4 and Maryland Trooper 1. Both drivers were transported to area trauma centers.

Fire Box 703
Monday, March 31, 2014 
1911: Fire Box 703 was alerted for a house fire in the 800 block of Dr. Jack Rd. Water Witch, Rising Sun (2 engines and Tanker 8) and CCDES Paramedic 1. Chief 7 arrived to find a one story single family dwelling with an attached garage, fire showing from all sides of the garage and a burn patient in the front yard. Engine 7 arrived, the crew stretched two handlines, one to knock the garage and one to make entry to check for extension. Crews from E7 and E813 found extension to the attic area above the kitchen and quickly extinguished all visible fire. Truck 72's crew threw ladders and cut a ventilation hole in the roof. The garage, which contained two vehicles and a pick up truck in the driveway continued to burn for sometime before being extinguished due to being feed by race fuel. Other crews on scene assisted with opening up, checking for extension, the auto fires, ventilation and utilities. Tankers 8 and 72 supplied the scene. The homeowner was transported in P793 to the landing zone that E73 had set up for MSP Trooper 1. The cause is believed to be a static charge that occurred during the refueling process of a race car in the garage.

Water Witch units on scene:

Engine 7
Engine 73
Truck 72
Rescue 72
Tanker 72
Water Witch Fire Police
Water Witch Ladies Auxiliary
Chief 7

Water Rescue - Box 700
Saturday, March 29, 2014 
Around 2100 the company was alerted for a water rescue in the Tomes Landing community. Deputy 7 arrived to find the subject had been pulled from the water by bystanders. Crews loaded the patient onto 793's stretcher, covered him with blankets and placed him in the Ambulance for transport to a local hospital.

Saturday, March 29, 2014 
Members in attendance at FF/EMT Ricky Dill's Eagle Scout Ceremony today.  Congratulations Ricky!

2103 Banquet
Saturday, March 22, 2014 
Photos from the 2013 Banquet. Check back for the story. CLICH HERE below for more photos.

Fire Box 705
Sunday, March 16, 2014 
2152 ~ Box Alarm 705 was sounded for a report of a porch on fire on Lake View in the Conowingo Mobile Home Park. Chief 8 arrived shortly after advising the fire appeared to be knocked by the homeowner. The assignment was held to Engines 7 and 73. Those units removed the deck boards, checked for extension (none found) and wet the area down before clearing. Deputy 7 had the command.

Woods Fire
Friday, March 14, 2014 
Around 1730 the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun was as alerted for an outside fire on their side of Rowlandsville Road. Chief 8 arrived to find a woods fire on our side of the road in Box Area 705. Chief 8 established command, advised approximately 3 acres involved and requested two more brush trucks. Crews worked for over one hour to extinguish the fire which was located down a long lane and on a hillside. Units on scene:

Engine - 812, 813, 18, 7, 73
Tanker - 8, 72
Brush - 7, 8, 73
Rescue - 72
Ambulance - 891

Chicken BBQ
Thursday, March 13, 2014 
Our monthly Chicken BBQ sale will start again on Saturday April 12, 2014 at Station 72! 1/2 BBQ Chicken, green beans, homemade potato salad and a roll for $10.

Below are the dates for this year.

April 12
May 17
June 14
August 9
September 13
October 11
November 8

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 
Last night several members attended the Baltimore County Fire Department Graduation, Commendation and Promotional Ceremony held in Towson MD. This year we had two members recognized.

Wayne Tome, Jr graduated from recruit class 102. Wayne joins his father as a member of the BCoFD. Wayne Sr is a Battalion Chief, stationed at Station 16 ~ Golden Ring and Wayne Jr is firefighter assigned to Engine Company 6 in Dundalk. The graduation was postponed in January due to a snow storm.

Paramedic Kimmy Roland was given a Unit Citation for her role in a CPR save of a 19 year old while working on Medic 55. Kimmy is now retired from the BCoFD and continues to serve as a paramedic with us and the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun.

Congratulations to both!

Woods Fire
Sunday, March 9, 2014 
Around 1700 the company was alerted for an outside fire in box are 705. Lt 73 (Kelly) arrived first finding fire in a wooded area and established command. Units were tasked with extending the booster lines on both brush trucks, cutting a few trees and raking a line around the fire. Units operated for approximately 90 minutes before returning to service.

Units on scene:
Chief 7
Deputy 72
EMS Deputy 7
Engine 7
Engine 73
Rescue 72
Brush 7
Brush 73

Friday, February 28, 2014 
Port Deposit Mayor Wayne Tome, Sr congratulates Fire Police Lieutenant John Jackson for being the recipient of the Port Deposit VFW Post # 8185 Fire Person of the year and EMS Captain 73 Karen Mott for being the recipient of the EMS person of the year. Congratulations to both!

Fire Box 700
Thursday, February 27, 2014 
Around 1330 the box assignment was sent to 4 Old Schoolhouse Drive for a reported townhouse on fire. Cecil County Department of Emergency Services Paramedic 1 arrived shortly after advising smoke showing. Engine 7 arrived next with the crew running a line through the front door finding a small kitchen fire. The fire was extinguished quickly and command (Deputy Chief 72, Bannon) held the box to Engine 7, Engine 813, Rescue 72 and Truck 6.

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